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Maintenance waterproof outdoor clothing and apparel

You don't have a washer at home or you don't dare wash your expensive sleeping bag, outerwear or winter sports apparel at home? Don't worry, A.S.Adventure is happy to wash it for you. Our professional washing service gives your clothing and sleeping bag a thorough wash and, if desired, you can have the items re-impregnated. This will restore the waterproof layer and the items will retain their breathability. Moreover, Explore More Members enjoy extra cheap prices. That's handy!

Onderhoud waterdichte outdoorkleding

Here's how we work

When you bring your sleeping bag, outerwear or winter sports apparel to our washing service, we check how your equipment was waterproofed and made breathable. There are two techniques for this:

1. Coating

This technique applies a breathable, waterproof layer with an extra durable water repellent (DWR) film. The coating's durability diminishes after repeated washings. The coating is also subject to normal wear and tear (e.g. when using a backpack). The DWR layer can be restored. We treat the items with a product manufactured by Nikwax or Grangers. Your jacket will be waterproof and retain its breathability. The raindrops will bead up and roll off your jacket once the coating is applied.

2. Membrane

This technique uses a membrane that is incorporated in the fabric with an extra DWR layer on the exterior. Fabrics with a membrane are more durable and less sensitive to wear and tear than a coating. But don't forget, the water repellent layer must be re-applied regularly. The membrane remains waterproof at all times, even after repeated washing.


You can choose which treatment you want for each item being washed. There is a stubborn stain on your jacket? You have a down sleeping bag? No problem! We also offer the options “Extra stain removal� and “Down�. You can be sure that your items will be washed to your specifications.

Example: have a down jacket washed, impregnated and stains removed for €29 (€20 + €6 + €3) or €24 (€17 + €5 + €2) if you are an Explore More Member.

Artikel Behandeling Prijs Explore More prijs Explore More Exclusief
Jacket Wash €17 €14
Wash + impregnate €20 €17
Ski pants / Hiking pants Wash €14 €12
Wash + impregnate €17 €15
Ski jacket + pants Wash €21 €19
Wash + impregnate €26 €22
Ski suit Wash €21 €19
Wash + impregnate €26 €22
Sleeping bag Wash €17 €14
Wash + impregnate €20 €17
Supplement Extra stain removal * €6 €5
Down €3 €2
* Please note: extra stain removal can damage the item's technical properties.


  • Waterproof = water cannot pass through.
  • Water repellent = water is repelled and beads up on the fabric (DWR layer).
  • Breathable = air passes through to combat condensation caused by transpiration.
  • DWR layer (Durable Water Repellent) = durable water repellent layer that is applied to the fabric; the fabric retains its breathability.
  • Impregnate = restore and renew the DWR layer with Nikwax or Grangers.